Speak Your Mind Texas

Speak Your Mind Texas
29 Dec 2015

 Join the Conversation on Mental Health and Substance Use Issues635448399183159324_big_Speak Your Mind Campaign

To counter misconceptions about mental illness and help connect people with resources, the Texas Department of State Health Services launched the Speak Your Mind Texas, a statewide conversation about mental health to spread the message that help is available and recovery is possible.

Resources at speakyourmindtexas.org will help people recognize mental illness and substance abuse and show them how to provide support, promote hope and foster recovery for people experiencing mental illness or emotional disturbance. Resources are also available by dialing 2-1-1.

What you can do

Learn the Facts – Mental Health problems and substance use are more common than you think.

Help Spread the Word – Share posters, graphics and other media available here.

Join the Conversation – Learn how to host a Community Conversation

For more information go to speakyourmindtexas.org.


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