Evaluations 2017

Wednesday, June 28: Pre-Conference 

Ethical Considerations for Diagnosing ID in Local Authorities Evaluation

Preceptorship Evaluation

Wednesday, June 29: General Session

General Session – Stephanie Staples Evaluation

Wednesday, June 28: Breakout Sessions (3:30 p.m.)

Best Practices in Positive and Effective Residential Behavioral Treatment Evaluation

Community Partnerships Evaluation

Creating a Consumer Operated Services Program Evaluation

Ethical Concerns in BH – Five Burning Questions Evaluation

Generation Z Evaluation

Got Data Now What Evaluation

MHFA Workshop Evaluation

Special Community Projects for IDD Topic Evaluation

Trustee Roles and Responsibilities Evaluation

Thursday, June 29: General Sessions

General Session – Gina Calhoun Evaluation

State and National Perspectives Panel Evaluation

Thursday, June 29: Breakout Sessions (1:30 p.m.)

From Triage to Intervention Evaluation

How Centers Can Reduce Preventable Re-Hospitalization Evaluation

Insight into the Texas Political Landscape Evaluation

MVPN Panel Evaluation

Marketing and Business Development Topic Evaluation

PEERS for Hope House and Peer Led Activities Evaluation

Transforming Mission into Money Evaluation

Walking on a Tightrope Evaluation

Thursday, June 29: Breakout Sessions (3:30 p.m.)

Building and Supporting Self-Efficacy Evaluation

Developing and Implementing a Compliance Program Evaluation

DSRIP Strategy Forum Evaluation

Managed Care Learning Collaborative Evaluation

On Campus Student Support Models Evaluation

Sexual Preference Sexual Identity Scale for Persons with IDD Evaluation

TIC in Broad Community MH Populations Evaluation

Working with the Media Evaluation

Friday, June 30: Breakout Sessions (8:30 a.m.)

Adapting TIC Implementation to Meet Agency Divisional Needs Evaluation

Anyone Can Do It – Really – Creating Presentations Evaluation

Closing the Gap Between Mental Illness and Dual Diagnosis Evaluation

Expanding ECI Services into a New Catchment Area Evaluation

First Episode Psychosis Panel Evaluation

How to Use Special Needs Trusts and ABLE Accounts Evaluation

State Budget/Legislative Update Evaluation

Telepsychiatry Evaluation

We’re All Getting Older Evaluation

Friday, June 30: Breakout Sessions (10:30 a.m.)

A Rural Community’s Model – Emergency BH Evaluation

Compliance Best Practices for Community Centers Evaluation

Crisis Intervention for IDD Topic Evaluation

Ethical Considerations in Acute Psychiatric Settings Evaluation

Going for Distance – TxACE EHR Implementation Round Table Evaluation

Revenue Cycle Management Evaluation