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Interoperability Strategy

Throughout most of 2013, the Data Work Group of the Texas Council of Community Centers has been meeting to review and endorse an approach with regard to the exchange of clinical data elements for all Texas Council members.

Privacy and Security Strategy

One of the major challenges that behavioral health agencies face in participating robustly in a health IT environment is how do to so while maintaining compliance with §42 CFR part 2, the federal substance abuse treatment privacy regulations.

Statewide Texas Access to Services Consultation Initiative – Final Report 4/4/13

The Texas Council of Community Centers selected MTM Services to manage and implement a measurement and improvement project for their member organizations. The goal of this project was to help ensure that Texas mental health centers would collectively and individually have adequate capacity to be an active participant in health care reform efforts in Texas.

Endorsed Measures Strategy – 2013

During 2013, the Data Work Group of the Texas Council of Community Centers met to identify a set of clinical quality measures that can be used across the entire behavioral health sector. What began with a wide-scale process to review scores of measures, resulted in concise list of measures adopted by the Texas Council members.