Substance Addictions

Public Policy: Substance Addictions

Of those receiving care in the public mental health system, it is estimated that 50% have a substance abuse disorder as well.

Without adequate addiction treatment, these individuals have

  • higher incarceration rates
  • increased emergency room visits
  • increased hospitalizations for psychiatric services and inpatient care

The Texas Council supports initiatives that improve the lives of Texans (and their families) who face substance addiction disorders. One such initiative isthe Medicaid Benefit for Substance Addiction Disorders Benefit authorized during the 81st Texas legislature in 2009.

As a result of this added Medicaid benefit, Community Centers will have the opportunity to provide substance addiction services to Medicaid eligible clients. Our clinical and service delivery experiences with substance addiction disorders and other Medicaid services will be helpful in providing effective and efficient services.


For more information about the Texas Council’s substance addictions public policy initiatives, please contact the Texas Council office.