RSS Help

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a technical term for the ability to share news, updates, changes, content and much more across the internet.

A website such as TXCouncil.com can share a feed of information for certain content, and the public has the ability to subscribe to the feed and get instantly notified when updates occur.

How can I get the RSS feed from TXCouncil.com?

To read and subscribe to RSS feeds, you will need to have an RSS feed reader – if your internet browser does not have a reader installed, clicking a feed link will just display a bunch of code. Some browsers, like Firefox and Internet Explorer, have the ability to read RSS built in. Others can be modified by downloading RSS reader extensions.

You can also set up Microsoft Outlook or download mobile apps to read RSS feeds.

How to use Microsoft Outlook to read RSS feeds:

  1. In Outlook, right-click the RSS Feeds folder (under Inbox list of folders) and choose Add a New RSS Feed.
  2. In the New RSS Feed dialog box, enter the URL of the RSS Feed. (Feed URLs provided to the right)
  3. Choose Add > OK.

For more information, Microsoft’s support article is available here.

Other RSS feed reader options:

  • For Google Chrome browser: install the RSS Feed Reader extension here
  • For app lovers: Sign up for Feedly’s free service at Feedly.com and download their free mobile app (iOS/Android) to read feeds on your mobile devices

What RSS feeds can I subscribe to here?