Mental Health First Aid

MHFA LogoWould you know how to recognize the signs and symptoms of someone struggling with depression or experiencing a panic attack in a crowded room?

Would you know what to do next?

In the United States, more people will experience a mental illness than heart disease or cancer. Individuals who work with the public are more likely to encounter someone having a panic attack or a severe mental health crisis, than a person having a heart attack. However, knowledge of what to do in such a situation is much less common.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a prevention strategy that teaches how to help people developing a mental illness or in a crisis, including:

  • Signs of addictions and mental illnesses
  • 5-step action plan to assess a situation and help
  • Impact of mental and substance use disorders
  • Local resources and where to turn for help

Directed by the 83rd Legislature, Community Centers trained more than 400 people at MHFA Instructors in 2014. These instructors trained more than 10,000 Texans in MHFA, including 7,774 educators. In FY2015, more than 250 new instructors were certified and an additional 11,000 educators were trained.

Community Centers regularly lead MHFA training sessions for their regions. Ask your Center how to attend their next MHFA training.