Session Evaluations

General Sessions

Eval Summary – Weds General Session

Eval Summary – Thurs General Session

Eval Summary – State and National Perspectives Panel

Eval Summary – Fri General Session

Breakout Sessions

Eval Summary – 988 Meets 911: A Powerful Collaboration

Eval Summary – A Culture of Innovation: Moving Beyond Measuring to Learning

Eval Summary – A Deeper Dive into Military Traumas

Eval Summary – Advancing CLAS in NTBHA Provider Network

Eval Summary – Ambulatory Detox and Decades of Lessons Learned

Eval Summary – An In-Depth Response to Security at Community Centers

Eval Summary – Biopsychosocial Approach for Serving Individuals with Co-occurring IDD and BH Needs

Eval Summary – Breaking Down Barriers to Care

Eval Summary – Building Your Data Toolbox for Patient Care

Eval Summary – Care Collaboration as a Suicide Prevention Strategy for Veterans and the Community

Eval Summary – Community Collaboration: Bridging the MH and Criminal Justice Nexus

Eval Summary – Crisis Intervention Services: Addressing Disparity of MH Services for the IDD-MH Population

Eval Summary – Diversion Center Model: Law Enforcement and LMHA Partnership

Eval Summary – Employee Engagement 2.0: Sustaining Employee Morale During Challenging Times

Eval Summary – Ethical Issues in Dealing with Dual and Triple Diagnoses

Eval Summary – Ethics of Boundaries and Dual Relationships

Eval Summary – Find Them, Get Them, Keep Them: Getting Staff hired and Getting Them to Stay

Eval Summary – Improving Healthcare Delivery to Persons Experiencing Homelessness Using a Street Medicine Model

Eval Summary – Insight into the TX Political Landscape

Eval Summary – Legislative Relationship Building

Eval Summary – Lessons We Learned from Uvalde

Eval Summary – Peer and Recovery Services Team: Highlights, Updates and Goals

Eval Summary – Peer Support and T-CCBHC Model

Eval Summary – Power of Partnership: A Collaborative Approach to Automating Data in the BH Setting

Eval Summary – School-based CIT Team: Expanding on the CIT Concept and Specializing Crisis Response

Eval Summary – School-related Violence: A Preventive Medicine Model and Response

Eval Summary – State Budget and Legislative Update

Eval Summary – State Strategies to Support Local Stakeholders at the Intersection of BH and Justice

Eval Summary – Transitions to Adulthood – Please Log In and Enjoy Your Coffee!

Eval Summary – Trustee Roles and Responsibilities

Eval Summary – Wash, Rinse and Repeat: A Three Step Approach to Effective Leadership